Friday, June 20, 2008

Decision Pending


You may have to wait awhile. Though they ended the hearings a full day early, the only decision the judge was able to make, was that she was going to take up to 8 months for her to reach a decision as to whether or not it should be against the law to sleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Charter Challenge Begins

Remembering the Headlines


Back when the story was breaking, the media saught to downplay and criminalize the poor instead of reporting the TRUTH about the constant victimization by police and city officials. The TOP STORY, as it reads here, is about how 4 Canadians died "Fighting for Freedom" in another country, while right below it we can see how citizens of THEIR OWN country are being murdered and violated by corrupt policy and snobbery that is so well blended into today's culture, even when placed on the front page it goes undetected for what it is.

Instead of charges being brought against these same city officials and police for their savage "Crimes against Humanity", the poor and homeless are instead being FORCED to DEFEND their "Right To Sleep". Not only does this go unnoticed by the rest of the citizens of this country and the world, the Higher levels of government that have noticed have not saught JUSTICE for the people involved, have instead saught to prevent their case from even being heard. Upon failing that, have still successfully delayed the proceedings for a number of years, greatly reducing the number of witnessness against them. Considering their is a documented body count of at LEAST 2 people a week, that adds up to quite a few since the tent city began in Oct. 2005.

You do the math !!!

I became an enemy of this country, it's leaders and FAKE support systems when that country and those leaders, by their actions and inactions, became an enemy of GOD & LAW. Your silence to this only strengthens the abusers...the line has already been drawn in the sand by them...look closely as to which side of it you are standing on, by whom you are supporting. Don't sit by or stand for this...there is still time to STAND AGAINST IT, but even that is running out.


This evening's dinner at "OUR PLACE" consited of a cold hamburger patty and an ice-cream scoop of cold rice. It's a good thing they got all that EXTRA money for a NEW building with a NEW, BIGGER kitchen and TWO cooks for nutritious, onsite meals.

(maybe now we can afford to conduct a study on how to turn on one of those new ovens, or maybe they just thought it was too hot outside to have cooked hamburgers, but I shouldn't complain because at least they were thawed out and I wouldn't want to appear UNGRATEFUL.)

On the NEWS front:

If you put "Charter Challenge" in the search engine over at A-Channel, it returns "0 Results"...Hmmm, how interesting considering it represents such a monumental step forward for human rights issues, for ALL Canadians and indeed, ALL visitors from EVERY other country of the world.

CHEK NEWS doesn't have an internal search engine that I could easily find, nor do they have any coverage on the Charter Challenge...Hmmm.

CBC's search results for Charter Challenge yields a number of results, none of which have to do with a person's RIGHT TO SLEEP...Hmmm.

The same thing can be said about CTV's search results concerning the CURRENT CHARTER CHALLENGE...Similar "Hmmm" as before.