Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oh Holy Night

This day is not about getting presents,
It's about giving
This day is not about Santa Claus.
It's about
Jesus Christ.
This day is not about hording,
It's about sharing.
This day is not about what you say,
It's about what you do.
This day is not about celebrating a single day,
It's about living every day.

(and may the 'Spirit of LOVE' last all year)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Charter Challenge UPDATE: 2

St. Ann's update-from david arthur johnston, Dec. 4th, 2007: date for attempted discontinuance


JANUARY 9th and 10th, 2008, has been set aside for the Supreme Court
to hear why the province thinks the Charter Challenge should be

I mentioned in the last update that the beginning of the Challenge was
changed from January 22nd to January 27th. Apparently, I was wrong and
it is scheduled to begin on JANUARY 28TH.

Side note- my trial for the NO LOITERING sign protest in the library courtyard has been adjourned to April 18th, 2008, to wait the results of the Charter Challenge (which, in part, will determine the constitutionality of chattel prohibitions, and the NO LOITERING signs also include NO CHATTELS). I was slightly taken aback when the 'crown' suggested that just because the Charter Challenge is scheduled to be heard over 5 days, the judge can reserve ruling for a bit as well. I guess that can be expected. It might be more realistic to expect the
tent-cities to start setting foundation in late spring, early summer... that is, of course, presuming the province doesn't get its 'discontinuance'- if it does then action will happen much sooner.

love and patience be with us all- beware fretting the impossible

in holding on and letting go,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada


Home page- http://www.angelfire.com/apes/hatrackman

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)-

Crimes of Necessity- http://www.loveandfearlessness.com (from
filmmaker Andrew Ainsley. Very comprehensive.)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tasered to DEATH

I'll have more on this coming with EXTRA footage...But for now.
(Click on this pic to read the CBC story)(click on this pic to see full video)
(click on this pic to see cops caught in a LIE)
(click on this pic to see the 20 people murdered by police)
Though NOT ONE COP has EVER been charged with murder!

But that's what it is...PLAIN & SIMPLE...Let me describe MY - 'eyewitness account';

"I witnessed 4(FOUR) heavily armored and heavily armed men approach a single (ONE) unarmed man...who had already surrendered.
They surrounded, and without ANY provocation SHOT him 3-4 TIMES, as they also physically assaulted him...moments later the man was DEAD.
Then, further Officers of the R.C.M.P. and Government of Canada attempted to cover up this crime by LYING about how it happened and why. Attempting to pretend this was some kind of 'FREAK ACCIDENT' instead of 'Business As Usual'."


(I've highlighted the TRUTH so you don't get lost in the words)
The advent of prohibition in the United States created new opportunities, and many found employment or at least profit in cross-border liquor smuggling. Much of Vancouver's prosperity and opulence in the 1920s is due to this "pirate economy" , although growth in forestry, fishing and mining continued. The end of US-side Prohibition, combined with the onset of the Great Depression, plunged the province into economic destitution. Compounding the already dire local economic situation, tens of thousands of men from colder parts of Canada swarmed into Vancouver, creating huge hobo jungles (VERY early tent city)around False Creek and the Burrard Inlet rail yards, including the old CPR mainline right-of-way through the heart of the city's downtown (at Hastings and Carrall). Increasingly desperate times led to intense political organizing efforts, an occupation of the main Post Office at Granville & Hastings which was violently put down by the police, and an effective imposition of martial law on the docks for almost three years.
A Vancouver contingent for the On-to-Ottawa Trek (Going to the TOP to speak) was organized and seized a train, which was loaded with thousands of men bound for the capital but was met by a Gatling gun straddling the tracks at Mission; the men were arrested and sent to work camps for the duration of the Depression."
(Government can't do anything about complaints not received right?)

"CONSPIRACY" is not a 'Theory'.
It is a "CHARGE" within the 'CRIMINAL CODE'.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lest We Forget

Remembering Remembrance Day
We waged a war to not live that way
A war we won or so they say
But looking around all I see is dismay.

They killed alot of people but what did they win
They still live their lives in corruption and sin
Telling their lies to let evil back in
Refusing to rise and so let it begin.

They still kill the martyrs that witness to GOD
They still ignore prophets dismissed with a nod
They still war on the poor and onward they trod
Justifying all in the name of God.

Yet Cain still kills Abel
With all the cards on the table
Though this way is unstable
They still lay the cable.

With this thinking my mind starts to sway
I think the point missed on living that way
"The war to end all wars"; I've heard them say
But is that what's remembered this Remembrance Day.

Seemingly not as wars continue still
And all of life's problems can be fixed with a pill
And even the children have learned how to kill
But all of this is just run of the mill.

Then deep inside I start to grin
As I recognize the journey's within
With nothing to stop me once I begin
And all of life's puzzles start to fit in.

With hope I speak out that they hear what I say
And Listen closely to change their way
That they may avoid the 'End of Days'
And Remember that this Remembrance Day.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crown Corruption Continues

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 'Province of British Columbia' has been granted time before the courts, and is involving itself in the court proceedings concerning David Arthur Johnson's Charter Challenge.
Now surprisingly enough, it is NOT to stand with, nor behind David as he pursues the rights of ALL Canadians be upheld...and in TRUTH, ALL of GOD's children...not to mention helping us take a step toward the end of torture, abuse and slavery on behalf of the crown and governments of every level.

Though David has already been refused due process for well over two years, the Province of British Columbia gets to 'jump in' and get an EARLIER day in court to have, yet another try, considering the city(Victoria) has already failed, at having this whole ugly mess just thrown right out completely.

Despite these FACTS and TRUTHS, David's original Charter Challenge date was in September 2007 and postponed(without legitimate reason) until January of 2008, for actions that occurred way back in 2004, and would have been over and done with, if the courts actually followed their own decrees of...
Despite the FACT that it is easily proven, both on video and eye witness accounts, that David has been tortured, falsely arrested(kidnapped), targeted, harassed, etc. for ALL of these years.
...But that would also mean a great number of poor people across Canada might not have died as a result of 'OVER-exposure' and abuse from being denied the 'RIGHT to CARE FOR ONESELF'...also over these last THREE YEARS.
Just as the courts and judges don't seem to feel there is any reason to deal with this immediately...BEFORE the temperatures drop into the FREEZING levels, while peoples rights are being stripped away for being, along with any ability to survive.
It is obvious to me, that by their actions, the courts are sanctioning legalized murder and unlawful incarceration of the poor.
I have already personally experienced the corruption of the so-called "CROWN" and so-called "JUDGES"...(who themselves shall one day be judged accordingly).
You are now personally witnessing it...again.
How long shall you sit by and let it happen...STAND with us against INJUSTICE.

Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan return home...the FREEDOMS of your OWN PEOPLE are in danger.
Canadian Soldiers in Canada...disarm the POLICE and arrest them for 'HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS' and Violations to the Geneva Convention.
Citizens of Canada...remove and arrest your officials from power that created racist/classist Laws and ByLAWS that Violate GOD and LAW.

Join us and BE the hero you've been waiting for.

your humble servant,
ancient clown

Monday, October 22, 2007

Canada's Commitment Slipping

This Just In...

Canada's commitment slipping: U.N. rights aide

By David Ljunggren 1 hour, 45 minutes ago

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's commitment to human rights is slipping and the country must work hard to regain the position it once held as an international honest broker, a top United Nations official said on Monday.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, who is Canadian, said she was particularly unhappy that Canada had last month voted against a nonbinding U.N. declaration of rights for indigenous peoples. Arbour's comments were aimed at the minority Conservative government, which took power in February 2006 and has shown less interest in multilateral diplomacy than its Liberal predecessor.

Arbour said Canada had historically been perceived as an unbiased nation whose judgment was widely sought and which did not serve narrow interests.

"I am very worried that this very romantic view that we have of ourselves is not being sufficiently nourished and preserved to allow us to continue to occupy a place much larger than the one that our single voice among 192 member states of the United Nations would otherwise allow for," she said.
"I hope that we ... will collectively work very hard to reclaim that privileged space," she told an Ottawa conference on human rights. Critics complain that the Conservatives are too close to Washington, where President George W. Bush's record on human rights is regularly attacked.

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, who was in the audience, declined to comment when asked by reporters for his reaction. Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier would not be available for comment, a spokesman said.
Arbour is a left-leaning former supreme court judge who was appointed to that job by the Liberals. She took up her current position in 2004.
She said she had to "register my profound disappointment that Canada did not see fit to support the declaration" on indigenous rights. Ottawa said the document clashed with Canadian laws.
Arbour later told reporters she was surprised by the Canadian vote and questioned whether Ottawa was still able to portray itself as an honest broker.

"I think there is a sense that Canada is moving away from its total commitment to multilateralism and is now I think advancing other forms of either national or regional alignment," she said. "Canadians still have an image of themselves that is now pretty dated, that is not reflective of the contemporary position and role Canada can and should play in my view internationally."

Reuters Photo: United Nations High Commissioner
for Human Rights Louise Arbour

Thursday, October 18, 2007

David Arthur Johnston

Are you a Canadian?
Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada?
Do you think you already have a 'Right To Sleep' here?
Then YOU had better read this...
I thought people around the world should better get to know 'David Arthur Johnston', or more importantly, why this one man is so important to us ALL.

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann’s Academy
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

January 2004 to October 2007 (so far)

In the beginning…

I don’t use money (as it, unavoidably, supports a prideful construct). I sleep outside (primarily in Beacon Hill Park, at least until this adventure). In the months leading up to the end of 2003 the number of ‘deterrent events’ was increasing with condescending and threatening police and grounds-keepers hunting out sleepers, and the application of ‘bum-away’ (undiluted fertilizer- ground up fish) on known sleeping spots. Added with the winter conditions, my fatigue brought with it a consideration that my innocence was not being ‘presumed of’ in my ability to sleep conscientiously. So, I was inspired to take issue.
This was an account of a campaign to determine the right to sleep. It has become a dance where conscientiousness reveals itself to be transcendent of the ‘rule of law’. Patience be with us all, for the bad and the good. May we enjoy remembering that a free will understands there is only one will.

There is a ‘police and courts encounter list’ that acts as a nice summary if the journal’s length is too daunting. It can be found at the August 23rd, 2006 update.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Charter Challenge UPDATE:

The following piece was Submitted by Hatrackman(David Arthur Johnston) on Wed, 2007-10-10 16:33.

St. Ann's update- Wed. Oct. 10th, 2007: find something you do not doubt


I love all of you. Alrighty...

The trial is still tentatively scheduled for January 22nd. The province is going to try and strike the whole thing in court on October 30th and 31st because of a technicality. Our lawyers are confident about it, though- I get the feeling it will be a reenactment of the city's attempt at a discontinuance.

OK. Here is the thing that is on my brain now- the lawyers position is that the bylaws are unconstitutional because they restrict those who've no where else to go, meaning that if the city and province put up a warehouse with 500 beds they would not have a case anymore. This case is based around the tent-city that was in Cridge Park over 2 years ago and the defendants will be scrutinized to see if they had other options besides the tent-city. The only thing I have going for me is my joy of articulating my justification for not using money- this is the point where the city and the police and the province can be held accountable for their lack of innocent presumption in a person's ability to sleep conscientiously on public access property. That is exactly what the 'crown' does not want- they will do their best to hypnotize the masses into thinking that internment camps and martial law are necessary... and they are doing a good job of it.

In the meantime I will continue with my primary job, which is to spread the gospel- that pride is sin because fate is real.

May the love of truth pervade.

I, sometimes, have a problem with going to people to get help because I've tried it lots. Over time I have learned that if the issue is important enough and bright enough people will come to it. In this case my desire would be to let people know that help would be nice and would directly affect this planet's birth pangs as it evolves into freedom... people will do whatever their experience leads them to do- may their experience lead them to humility and a moment where data on this battle is in front of them. May I be forgiven if my words are not clear enough to inspire. May we all be forgiven if our acceptance of fascism is because the person fighting for freedom is not the hero we all wait for. Pride is sin because fate is real.

in glorious fatigue,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada


- Home page

- Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)

- Crimes of Necessity (from filmmaker Andrew Ainsley. Very comprehensive.)

- The Right To Sleep (This site started to raise awareness of these issues.)

- Ancient's History (A site from the 'Son of Man')

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Right To Sleep

It's illegal to sleep outside! IS THAT OK WITH YOU?

They have criminalized sleep.

Sleep is a necessity of life - without it we can not survive!

Police and security guards claim they have the authority to wake a peaceful sleeper on public property and order them to go somewhere else. One of the major flaws with this power is that there is not a single inch of property in all of any City where it is legal to sleep outside.
It is a catch-22 - if you do not own or rent private property, it is against the law to sleep and each night hundreds of homeless people must commit crimes of necessity.

(click on picture for video)

The Rat Race

the Rat Race

In mainstream society, possessions and conspicuous spending habits form a strong basis for the societal image of an individual. Accumulating, possessions, consumerism are memes integrated into the psyche of individuals and is woven into the social fabric of our culture. For those who possess things, insurance and expenses to support such consumption are of great concern. Often, in this society, any increase in income generated produces a requisite response in consumption. Those that make more money buy more expensive clothes, cars, and homes. Lifestyle, life, and style selections are all a part of the consumptive processes of the World. This does not necessarily increase the amount of happiness experienced, as these objects are not of any inherent value. Had the individual saved their money, the stresses associated with higher consumption would be averted producing a happier, more relaxed, productive and creative lifestyle. To the observer of the suburbanite human, one recognizes that insulation, ignorance, and apathy has befallen most people. Interests are withdrawn, narrowed, to the extent that there is no "real" world outside one's own experience - at least, not one of any direct consequence. Primary concerns fall only within the immediate sphere of experience. Comforts and establishment makes humans lazier, but, the world beyond the mind, beyond most peoples simple cumulative existence, needs work. Humans are agents of existence, charged with the intelligence and physical capacity to change the universe. Naturally, we have progressed to this position in existence. No past choice, no made decision can be undone. So what must be done for the future? We all share one Planet, humanity ought to invest in it, not destroy it. Each person must admit that he/she shares this world with others.

(Click on Picture for Video)

If Awoken

When found Sleeping

When a person is found sleeping, authorities can do one of several things. The first step is to ask you to go sleep somewhere else, even though there is nowhere else to go. When a person tries to explain that they are only doing what every other person on this planet has to do they are generally told not to question. There is a quote that I have heard a lot by police and security when the lawfulness of their actions are questioned - "It's easier to just abide."

It is rare for somebody to actually be arrested for sleep because they are almost always given the option to abide. And if you or I had no money or shelter and had to sleep in a park or on the beach and we were assaulted in our sleep, we too would probably abide. It is very difficult to wake a peaceful sleeper without using a boot, a club or their hands, and I have witnessed this myself - a person peacefully sleeping being shaken until he wakes up by a person in a uniform, carrying a gun, a club, and a potentially lethal 'Taser', claiming that it is against the law to sleep.

Apparently, to not abide with a law that deprives us of life and liberty is to be a criminal. The implication of criminalizing a minority for simply existing and doing what we all must do in order to survive is something that we take issue with, and has inspired a documentary film and this website on the 'right to sleep'.

(Click on Picture for Video)

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