Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tasered to DEATH

I'll have more on this coming with EXTRA footage...But for now.
(Click on this pic to read the CBC story)(click on this pic to see full video)
(click on this pic to see cops caught in a LIE)
(click on this pic to see the 20 people murdered by police)
Though NOT ONE COP has EVER been charged with murder!

But that's what it is...PLAIN & SIMPLE...Let me describe MY - 'eyewitness account';

"I witnessed 4(FOUR) heavily armored and heavily armed men approach a single (ONE) unarmed man...who had already surrendered.
They surrounded, and without ANY provocation SHOT him 3-4 TIMES, as they also physically assaulted him...moments later the man was DEAD.
Then, further Officers of the R.C.M.P. and Government of Canada attempted to cover up this crime by LYING about how it happened and why. Attempting to pretend this was some kind of 'FREAK ACCIDENT' instead of 'Business As Usual'."


(I've highlighted the TRUTH so you don't get lost in the words)
The advent of prohibition in the United States created new opportunities, and many found employment or at least profit in cross-border liquor smuggling. Much of Vancouver's prosperity and opulence in the 1920s is due to this "pirate economy" , although growth in forestry, fishing and mining continued. The end of US-side Prohibition, combined with the onset of the Great Depression, plunged the province into economic destitution. Compounding the already dire local economic situation, tens of thousands of men from colder parts of Canada swarmed into Vancouver, creating huge hobo jungles (VERY early tent city)around False Creek and the Burrard Inlet rail yards, including the old CPR mainline right-of-way through the heart of the city's downtown (at Hastings and Carrall). Increasingly desperate times led to intense political organizing efforts, an occupation of the main Post Office at Granville & Hastings which was violently put down by the police, and an effective imposition of martial law on the docks for almost three years.
A Vancouver contingent for the On-to-Ottawa Trek (Going to the TOP to speak) was organized and seized a train, which was loaded with thousands of men bound for the capital but was met by a Gatling gun straddling the tracks at Mission; the men were arrested and sent to work camps for the duration of the Depression."
(Government can't do anything about complaints not received right?)

"CONSPIRACY" is not a 'Theory'.
It is a "CHARGE" within the 'CRIMINAL CODE'.


lindwee said...

That was sad! i've read the story .

Realist said...

This is a horrible crime and the police should be prosecuted. This man was tired, and had they had language services there, this would have never happened. He wasn't hurting anyone, he was tired, and maybe having a nervous breakdown. We have to start demanding end and to all police brutality, and murder. In the US we have a little known group called LEAP comprised of X DEA, Cops and Judges who have come out against the drug war. We need more. Its everyones responsibility to DEMAND change when our rights are being trampled by your own governments and their corporate sponsors. Great site. Thanks for all that you do!
Keep up the fight. Your friends in Santa Cruz CA are with you! Tim Rumford

Spud said...

Its amazing to think that this probably happens a lot around the world. Its so sad.