Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Rat Race

the Rat Race

In mainstream society, possessions and conspicuous spending habits form a strong basis for the societal image of an individual. Accumulating, possessions, consumerism are memes integrated into the psyche of individuals and is woven into the social fabric of our culture. For those who possess things, insurance and expenses to support such consumption are of great concern. Often, in this society, any increase in income generated produces a requisite response in consumption. Those that make more money buy more expensive clothes, cars, and homes. Lifestyle, life, and style selections are all a part of the consumptive processes of the World. This does not necessarily increase the amount of happiness experienced, as these objects are not of any inherent value. Had the individual saved their money, the stresses associated with higher consumption would be averted producing a happier, more relaxed, productive and creative lifestyle. To the observer of the suburbanite human, one recognizes that insulation, ignorance, and apathy has befallen most people. Interests are withdrawn, narrowed, to the extent that there is no "real" world outside one's own experience - at least, not one of any direct consequence. Primary concerns fall only within the immediate sphere of experience. Comforts and establishment makes humans lazier, but, the world beyond the mind, beyond most peoples simple cumulative existence, needs work. Humans are agents of existence, charged with the intelligence and physical capacity to change the universe. Naturally, we have progressed to this position in existence. No past choice, no made decision can be undone. So what must be done for the future? We all share one Planet, humanity ought to invest in it, not destroy it. Each person must admit that he/she shares this world with others.

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