Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crown Corruption Continues

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 'Province of British Columbia' has been granted time before the courts, and is involving itself in the court proceedings concerning David Arthur Johnson's Charter Challenge.
Now surprisingly enough, it is NOT to stand with, nor behind David as he pursues the rights of ALL Canadians be upheld...and in TRUTH, ALL of GOD's children...not to mention helping us take a step toward the end of torture, abuse and slavery on behalf of the crown and governments of every level.

Though David has already been refused due process for well over two years, the Province of British Columbia gets to 'jump in' and get an EARLIER day in court to have, yet another try, considering the city(Victoria) has already failed, at having this whole ugly mess just thrown right out completely.

Despite these FACTS and TRUTHS, David's original Charter Challenge date was in September 2007 and postponed(without legitimate reason) until January of 2008, for actions that occurred way back in 2004, and would have been over and done with, if the courts actually followed their own decrees of...
Despite the FACT that it is easily proven, both on video and eye witness accounts, that David has been tortured, falsely arrested(kidnapped), targeted, harassed, etc. for ALL of these years.
...But that would also mean a great number of poor people across Canada might not have died as a result of 'OVER-exposure' and abuse from being denied the 'RIGHT to CARE FOR ONESELF'...also over these last THREE YEARS.
Just as the courts and judges don't seem to feel there is any reason to deal with this immediately...BEFORE the temperatures drop into the FREEZING levels, while peoples rights are being stripped away for being, along with any ability to survive.
It is obvious to me, that by their actions, the courts are sanctioning legalized murder and unlawful incarceration of the poor.
I have already personally experienced the corruption of the so-called "CROWN" and so-called "JUDGES"...(who themselves shall one day be judged accordingly).
You are now personally witnessing it...again.
How long shall you sit by and let it happen...STAND with us against INJUSTICE.

Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan return home...the FREEDOMS of your OWN PEOPLE are in danger.
Canadian Soldiers in Canada...disarm the POLICE and arrest them for 'HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS' and Violations to the Geneva Convention.
Citizens of Canada...remove and arrest your officials from power that created racist/classist Laws and ByLAWS that Violate GOD and LAW.

Join us and BE the hero you've been waiting for.

your humble servant,
ancient clown

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