Monday, October 15, 2007

Charter Challenge UPDATE:

The following piece was Submitted by Hatrackman(David Arthur Johnston) on Wed, 2007-10-10 16:33.

St. Ann's update- Wed. Oct. 10th, 2007: find something you do not doubt


I love all of you. Alrighty...

The trial is still tentatively scheduled for January 22nd. The province is going to try and strike the whole thing in court on October 30th and 31st because of a technicality. Our lawyers are confident about it, though- I get the feeling it will be a reenactment of the city's attempt at a discontinuance.

OK. Here is the thing that is on my brain now- the lawyers position is that the bylaws are unconstitutional because they restrict those who've no where else to go, meaning that if the city and province put up a warehouse with 500 beds they would not have a case anymore. This case is based around the tent-city that was in Cridge Park over 2 years ago and the defendants will be scrutinized to see if they had other options besides the tent-city. The only thing I have going for me is my joy of articulating my justification for not using money- this is the point where the city and the police and the province can be held accountable for their lack of innocent presumption in a person's ability to sleep conscientiously on public access property. That is exactly what the 'crown' does not want- they will do their best to hypnotize the masses into thinking that internment camps and martial law are necessary... and they are doing a good job of it.

In the meantime I will continue with my primary job, which is to spread the gospel- that pride is sin because fate is real.

May the love of truth pervade.

I, sometimes, have a problem with going to people to get help because I've tried it lots. Over time I have learned that if the issue is important enough and bright enough people will come to it. In this case my desire would be to let people know that help would be nice and would directly affect this planet's birth pangs as it evolves into freedom... people will do whatever their experience leads them to do- may their experience lead them to humility and a moment where data on this battle is in front of them. May I be forgiven if my words are not clear enough to inspire. May we all be forgiven if our acceptance of fascism is because the person fighting for freedom is not the hero we all wait for. Pride is sin because fate is real.

in glorious fatigue,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

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