Thursday, October 18, 2007

David Arthur Johnston

Are you a Canadian?
Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada?
Do you think you already have a 'Right To Sleep' here?
Then YOU had better read this...
I thought people around the world should better get to know 'David Arthur Johnston', or more importantly, why this one man is so important to us ALL.

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann’s Academy
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

January 2004 to October 2007 (so far)

In the beginning…

I don’t use money (as it, unavoidably, supports a prideful construct). I sleep outside (primarily in Beacon Hill Park, at least until this adventure). In the months leading up to the end of 2003 the number of ‘deterrent events’ was increasing with condescending and threatening police and grounds-keepers hunting out sleepers, and the application of ‘bum-away’ (undiluted fertilizer- ground up fish) on known sleeping spots. Added with the winter conditions, my fatigue brought with it a consideration that my innocence was not being ‘presumed of’ in my ability to sleep conscientiously. So, I was inspired to take issue.
This was an account of a campaign to determine the right to sleep. It has become a dance where conscientiousness reveals itself to be transcendent of the ‘rule of law’. Patience be with us all, for the bad and the good. May we enjoy remembering that a free will understands there is only one will.

There is a ‘police and courts encounter list’ that acts as a nice summary if the journal’s length is too daunting. It can be found at the August 23rd, 2006 update.


Realist said...

Nice site and I have enjoyed your video and thoughts and writings. I added a link from my blog as you requested. Please keep in contact my brother, and keep us posted on how your doing and whats going on where you are. The basic right to sleep is being challenged across cities in the US. Anti feeding laws, anti sitting laws, blanket bans. We must be united in standing up for the rights of all people despite financial status. Money means little to some of us who would rather stay out of the consumer game. Peace my friend!
Tim Rumford Humanity For Homeless in Santa Cruz Ca.

Realist said...

Also, I will post your video after some time has past as we just lost a brother here, and I want that post on top for a few weeks.

Spud said...

That is incredible. I cant believe they would do that.

Realist said...

In My City of Santa Cruz we have a nigh time Sleeping Ban. It makes it illegal to sleep on any public property from 7pm to 6:00am. We also have a daytime blanket ban, a move along law, a be 14 feet from the store fronts, no sitting on planters, its really very disturbing, unconstitutional and immoral. Too see this happening in Canada is sad.

Becky Johnson said...

Hi, I'm with HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom in Santa Cruz, Ca. We are fighting our sleeping ban too. MC 6.36.010 a outlaws the act of sleeping between 11PM and 8:30AM anywhere out of doors within the City limits or in a vehicle.

We are also fighting PC 647 e, the California State anti-lodging law which allows a misdemeanor arrest if a person is lodging without permission, whatever THAT is.