Sunday, October 14, 2007

If Awoken

When found Sleeping

When a person is found sleeping, authorities can do one of several things. The first step is to ask you to go sleep somewhere else, even though there is nowhere else to go. When a person tries to explain that they are only doing what every other person on this planet has to do they are generally told not to question. There is a quote that I have heard a lot by police and security when the lawfulness of their actions are questioned - "It's easier to just abide."

It is rare for somebody to actually be arrested for sleep because they are almost always given the option to abide. And if you or I had no money or shelter and had to sleep in a park or on the beach and we were assaulted in our sleep, we too would probably abide. It is very difficult to wake a peaceful sleeper without using a boot, a club or their hands, and I have witnessed this myself - a person peacefully sleeping being shaken until he wakes up by a person in a uniform, carrying a gun, a club, and a potentially lethal 'Taser', claiming that it is against the law to sleep.

Apparently, to not abide with a law that deprives us of life and liberty is to be a criminal. The implication of criminalizing a minority for simply existing and doing what we all must do in order to survive is something that we take issue with, and has inspired a documentary film and this website on the 'right to sleep'.

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